The counterintuitive leadership style that can make company culture and productivity skyrocket

The first lesson — ditch that “open door” policy that’s become so trendy

My office has an open-door policy. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken advantage of it. Today, most companies have adopted this policy to promote trust communication and collaboration in the workplace. Statistics show that about fifty percent of your staff won’t take advantage of the offer. They won't feel comfortable…

Our limits are often self-imposed or based on the narratives of others

During the 1800s, the sport of long-distance running began to trend like crazy.

The 4-minute mile was considered unbreakable. Even into the 1900s, as runners got faster, nobody could break the 4-minute mile.

On the morning of May 6, 1954, a tall, lanky medical student from Oxford named Roger Bannister

It would’ve been my first roadkill in 47 years of near misses

I was driving with a friend some years ago. I was in the passenger seat. Kirby was driving. I saw the damn squirrel on the road, and he didn’t even blink. He didn’t swerve or decelerate.

Kirby ran over that critter like it wasn’t even there. The poor squirrel never…

If you’re one of them, and you’re good at what you do, here’s some great advice to help break free

I’ve worked various jobs in the span of my years. I’ve enjoyed much of these experiences, and I hated some of my assignments too. Even if they love their work, most people have some aspect of their job that is loathsome.

In all my varied experiences, no matter how shitty…

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