The counterintuitive leadership style that can make company culture and productivity skyrocket

The first lesson — ditch that “open door” policy that’s become so trendy

My office has an open-door policy. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken advantage of it. Today, most companies have adopted this policy to promote trust communication and collaboration in the workplace. Statistics show that about fifty percent of your staff won’t take advantage of the offer. …

Some fantastic and counterintuitive lessons on scaling a successful business from iconic leaders in tech startups

One of my favorite HBO comedy series is Silicon Valley. I enjoyed it so much because every character in the ensemble was perfectly cast — they were all excellent with no weakness among them.

This unique cast has become and maintained close friendships IRL. And though it was a parody…

When citizens of all races, political affiliations, and beliefs came together under one shared identity as Americans

September 11, 2001, won't be forgotten. It was a day of shock. A nightmare that played over and over again in our minds. Being an American citizen took on a new meaning. We were suddenly vulnerable and violated.

Yet, in the days and weeks following that horrific loss and tragedy…

Four of Medium’s heavy hitters offer some surprising insights from their unique perspective

I remember how uncomfortable it was to hit that “Publish” button a few years ago when I posted my first story on Medium.

Today it’s much easier, but there’s still some sense of apprehension when sending another child out into that scary blogosphere realm. Will people be kind to her…

Those designated seasonal indulgences we cherish for a time and put away until next year

Thanksgiving day is when I break open the bottle of Irish cream liqueur. It will be gone early in the new year. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until next Thanksgiving, when I repeat the custom.

It used to be Baily’s brand, but it no longer has to be. …

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