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Our limits are often self-imposed or based on the narratives of others

England’s Sir Roger Bannister beat Australia’s John Landy in a race dubbed “The Miracle Mile”…

During the 1800s, the sport of long-distance running began to trend like crazy.

The 4-minute mile was considered unbreakable. Even into the 1900s, as runners got faster, nobody could break the 4-minute mile.

On the morning of May 6, 1954, a tall, lanky medical student from Oxford named Roger Bannister

The chaos of this crazy world doesn't need our full attention, but our well-being does


It's sound advice from a recent meditation session. When I come home from work, my wife occasionally has the local six o'clock news turned on the television.

It's not that she's glued to the screen, but it runs in the background while preparing dinner. It's a steady flow of tragedy…

Jim Farina

Jim Farina

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