The counterintuitive leadership style that can make company culture and productivity skyrocket

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The first lesson — ditch that “open door” policy that’s become so trendy

My office has an open-door policy. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken advantage of it. Today, most companies have adopted this policy to promote trust communication and collaboration in the workplace. Statistics show that about fifty percent of your staff won’t take advantage of the offer. They won't feel comfortable speaking up if they have an issue.

This can be a combination of fear, having their concerns dismissed, being thought of as stirring the pot, or the prospect of having the manager intervene directly on their complaint — thereby creating new tensions within their team.

And what about the other…

Better to have ten loyal fans than a hundred so-called “followers”

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Is it just me, or is it something other writers do, I wonder? When I see that I have a new follower. The alert indicates this on the little bell adjacent to my profile image. Or the tiny green dot on the mobile app.

I click on the new follower’s profile image to gain a sense of who they are. I’m interested in what their interests are.

Are they Medium members?

How long have they been a member?

How many followers do they have?

How many writers are they following?

These insights provide a better sense of who is reading…

An overinflated ego can be detrimental to your success

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Greatness comes from humble beginnings; it comes from grunt work. It means you’re the least important person in the room — until you change that with results.
Ryan Holiday, Ego Is the Enemy

Who doesn't like to get praised for a job well done? I don't mind a good pat on the back now and again acknowledging my successful efforts. I try to recognize people when I know they've done an excellent job or go above and beyond.

I've always said that this is something that managers should express more in the workplace. Praise and acknowledgment go a long…

Learn how Kim Perell went from unemployed and broke to a multi-millionaire in seven years

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It’s critical that your belief in yourself is stronger than anyone else’s doubt.
Kim Perell

I enjoy writing because it allows me to be my own boss, make my own hours, enjoy my growth, and take pride in my achievements. It’s all on me. I’m not making money hand over fist, but it’s satisfying enough to bring it into retirement one day and supplement my income. I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished in just a few short years.

Have you ever fantasized about being your own boss, a multimillionaire, and being free to choose your path? In her inspirational…

I did it the other day in the doctor’s office, and they were set to go with my first reading

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Yep, that’s my reading! I took it just now as I’m writing, and I’m damn proud of the results. I’ve never seen it as low as I have in the last year. And I have a pretty unhealthy case of hypertension. There are a few changes I’ve made that helped bring down the numbers.

I have been on blood pressure meds for many years. Even with the daily dose of Metoprolol and Losartan, I’ve struggled to maintain a blood pressure to meet the ideal 120/80. …

Some are now versatile enough to fit almost any occasion while others once freely used should never be uttered again

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There are times when the word “Fuck” is the best and only way to express how I feel. Why does it satisfy me so? Often I’m not even angry, but the word fulfills in ways that no other word will. It’s because our ability to curse comes from different parts of the brain than more common expressions of speech.

Language evolves with time, and so does what we consider profane or unspeakable. Historical, sociological, political, and linguistic influences all come into play.

Remember when first discovering swear words as a young child and how much fun they were to get…

They are the closest we’ll ever get to grandchildren, so I’m trying to be understanding

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The sweetest dog in the world is gone

It was heartbreaking when our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, KC, passed away a few years ago. And that’s what he died of really — a broken heart. Every breed seems to have some inherent trait that causes chronic health issues or will eventually kill them.

With the King Charles, they come with bad tickers. Or I should say they will get bad at some point. Mitral valve disease of the heart is the leading cause of death in the breed.

The genetic disease appears in more than 50 percent of all Cavaliers by age 5 and nearly all of…

Abraham Lincoln beat his political rivals and used empathy to unite his enemies and an entire country.

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Lincoln’s ability to retain his emotional balance in such difficult situations was rooted in acute self-awareness and an enormous capacity to dispel anxiety in constructive ways.”
― Doris Kearns Goodwin

Have you ever gone through a rough patch in your life and later realized the experience prepared you for some future success?

Few people knew more about the benefit of hardships than Abraham Lincoln. At a young age, he endured the loss of family members and suffered a strained relationship with his father. However, these experiences only strengthened Lincoln’s resolve and ambitions.

In the 1840s, after Lincoln’s party, the Whigs…

It bothers me because my wife and I are great cooks, and traditions will be lost forever

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I don’t understand how children can be brought up in an environment surrounded by great cooking and cuisines yet have zero interest in learning some of these skills for themselves.

Our cooking reflects foods from many different countries, cultures, and regions. My kids couldn’t care less about how meals are done so well — just that it is. Is it wrong of me to think this attitude shameful?

My wife and I are better than average cooks. It comes from our love of food and or interest in world cuisine. My mother is Mexican and my father Italian. …

It’s quick, cheap and you can put it into place today

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For much of 2020, I was the lone employee in the office. It’s due to the nature of my role. This includes handling physical products, receiving, and shipping. As an introvert and one of those souls who require solitude and a good measure of alone time, I was more than content with this temporary arrangement. It was a gift.

One day, in early summer, I was making my routine circle around the office space. I take my requisite and meditative pause to look out the window, 34 stories above street level, surveying a deserted downtown Chicago. I then begin my…

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