The counterintuitive leadership style that can make company culture and productivity skyrocket

The first lesson — ditch that “open door” policy that’s become so trendy

My office has an open-door policy. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken advantage of it. Today, most companies have adopted this policy to promote trust communication and collaboration in the workplace. Statistics show that about fifty percent of your staff won’t take advantage of the offer. …

When early Spanish explorers first encountered hummingbirds in…

If so, those of us who work to be gracious must work even harder to counter them

I was on the train last week, and the ridership is increasing more. It’s getting to the point where we can no longer claim our full seat as we used to. Some discourage others from sitting next to them by placing a backpack or bag on the open seat.


How to get the most out of the human body with less stress and more self-awareness

I'll be 64 on Christmas Day. The first reaction I typically get when telling people I'm a Christmas baby is, "Man, that really sucks! You get screwed on presents."

I've never felt that. It's all benefits from where I sit. I share my birthday with Jesus Christ — or at…

It's an attainable virtue within grasp for each one of us

Your headlights illuminate just a few feet of the dark road in front of you, and yet that is enough for you to move forward and make continual progress.
Ryan Holiday, Courage Is Calling

When we think of courageous acts of heroism, we might typically think of great military…

It's a common term among air force jet pilots, but we all get a taste of this overwhelming experience in our daily life

Does your workday feel like one step forward and two steps back? Mine often does — not always, but often. I'm trying to get better at prioritizing. After being in the workforce for several years, you'd think this priority thing would be more intuitive.

We hear all the time how…

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