Our relationship with food is always going to be a war, but winning some strategic battles can make a difference in the end

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It took me some time to forgive myself, or I should say forgive my behavior. Isn’t that today’s new practice? Self-forgiveness, being gentle with ourselves? Oh, and that other one—exercising regular gratitude.

Well, I sure was grateful for that chocolate-covered donut I devoured last night. At least I felt gratitude for about thirty seconds before that feeling turned instantly to one of abject shame.

And it’s always the same pattern. Justification. Momentary satisfaction. Shame. The thing is, I otherwise keep a pretty healthy lifestyle. I’m not what you would consider overweight. And I’m generally very disciplined when it comes to…

The best I can achieve is 99%, which makes me wonder if I should give up on that goal

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I can’t even write a simple headline and subhead without triggering the little alert suggestions popping up in my Grammarly app.

In my example above, I could get the extra point to get me to 100%. But that would mean I’d have to insert a period at the end of a title. I’m not going to do that. I will suffer the 99%, as not to break the fundamental rules of format structure.

Don’t get me wrong — I really love how the Grammarly tool has changed my life. I recently gave myself a gift of upgrading to Grammarly’s Premium…

Techniques you can start using today to realize new potential tomorrow

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The people who are doing the best to get through the last year of quarantine are challenging themselves to learn something new.

Whether it be learning another language, taking up an instrument, or jumping into a new hobby, stimulating our brains is a great way to redirect our focus from much of the external gloom and doom surrounding us and threatening our well-being. It doesn’t hurt to binge-watch an extraordinary new television series either, but those who can find a balance likely feel happier and better adjusted to these unsettled times.

I wrote a recent article offering some great learning…

When a vital business relationship assumes you share in their political allegiance

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Again with the lunchtime political discussions. Now I need to start that waltz again. It’s a dance I’ve perfected over time. I’m getting good at it too. Very good.

Every time I meet with these owners, the company we partner with to fulfill our logistics needs, the discussion invariably turns to politics. It’s awkward because I share nothing with them when it comes to this topic. Somehow, these guys have it in their heads that I’m completely on board with them. That I’m aligned with their way of thinking.

If only they knew how opposed I am to many of…

Preparing for conversations that are focused, sincere, and quickly disarm conflict are only a few brain hacks away.

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You know those episodes in your life where they seem to come back out of nowhere to haunt you? Or maybe taunt you. I mean those occasions where you either said something that you immediately regretted saying, or you spoke too soon for the sake of filling a void in the conversation. You blurted something out that was inappropriate or embarrassing. When they playback again in the theater of your mind, it makes you cringe.

It’s those moments when you wish time travel were possible, and you can go back and say the thing you’ve rehearsed in your head after…

Cultivating your unique abilities and identifying your purpose are two of the main keys

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When I was in elementary school, I had serious trouble focusing in the classroom. My grades suffered as a result — I had to struggle to be a “C” student.

It’s not that I wasn’t intelligent; it’s just that I had to follow unbeaten paths to knowledge. I have some learning disabilities. When I was in school, these learning obstacles weren’t yet identified or addressed. We were generally classified as “problem” students or even dumb.

For me, it wasn’t a matter of working harder — I needed to figure out how to learn better. It was a similar story for…

Between these short days of winter and more time at home, learn the Scandanavian secret to coziness from some of the happiest people on Earth

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Think about one of the coziest moments you can think of. We’ve all had those priceless occasions when you wish it would never end. It’s those times when you bask in the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of your surroundings — wondering if you can capture the experience for release at some future time. Those moments when you are feeling so warm, at peace, and cozy it’s almost surreal.

Maybe you were with special loved ones, wrapped in an oversized comforter, thick-knit socks, in front of a crackling fire with a steaming-warm drink or a good glass of wine in…


You know what I look like, and I have a very nice headshot image for those of you who forgot

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Yup — this is me.

It’s the headshot image I use for most social media profiles. In fact, if you get through this whole story or scroll down to the bottom of it, you will see a mini-version of this photo below, as I’ve also chosen it for my profile image on Medium.

I don’t think it’s so painful an image to endure through a 20-minute Skype or team meeting. This photo above is actually my official workplace profile. It was captured by our in-house multi-media team at the market research company that employs me and appears on all of…

Lessons that fire-me-up and keep the creative flame alive

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I’m not a big one for reality television, but there’s a series I happened upon on Netflix that has captured my attention. It’s called Blown Away. It’s a Canadian reality glassblowing competition series, and the critic rating score currently sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s modeled like a cooking show competition where ten contestants are given an assignment and creative brief to follow. They must develop an artistic creation to blow away a small panel of judges at the final presentation.

Each episode ends with an elimination. The last artist standing receives a full scholarship to a residency at…

It provides perspective on what’s most valued in developing parts of the world

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It’s been a few years since I’ve traveled outside the U.S. It’s especially during January and February when I start thinking of my trips to Mexico, Haiti, and Guatemala. It’s around this time of year when short-term mission teams were scheduled.

It’s a welcome change of climate and a brief respite from the harsh Illinois’ winter. It’s also getting me out of my comfort zone while doing something to help better the situation in these places where there’s little provision and few resources. It also gives me something to write about today.

It’s a privilege to visit these countries, not…

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