(image) Learning to cook goat over coals with some gracious women in Haiti

I possess introverted and extroverted qualities (ambivert). I struggle with anxiety. I’m a functioning autist. I’m sober-curious. I believe everyone can change their story.

I was born and raised in Chicago (northwest side). I now live in the nearby suburbs with my family but still commute into the city and work at a market research company on Michigan Avenue.

I was a horrible student. I could never focus on schoolwork but was always ultra-creative and curious. I spent a lot of time drawing, writing, reading, and creating both good and mischief.

Consequently, I never attended college. I had to educate myself on my own terms. My interests are in the natural world, the Bible and Christianity, stoic philosophy, wildlife, astronomy, world peoples and cultures, and sampling and preparing ethnic cuisine. I'm a decent cook.

I wrote a screenplay in 2010, Martin Eden, based on a 1909 novel by Jack London. The script placed in multiple competitions and was a semi-finalist in the Sundance International Screenwriting competition.

I love being outdoors in all seasons. Even the bitter cold of Chicago’s winter has something to offer. I enjoy hiking, running, Indie and alternative music, and relaxing in our private garden with my koi pond.

I've been married to my wife Tari for 38 years and have 2 daughters, Nicole and Wendy.

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