Alternative Treatment for Mental Illness, Depression, Addiction and More Peaceful Death

Can psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, and DMT be the answer?

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Our task in life consists precisely in a form of letting go of fear and expectations, an attempt to purely give oneself to the impact of the present.
Michael Pollan

We all know somebody close to us battling mental illness, addiction, or cancer. Sadly, these are all part of life’s experience, and we can’t escape them. Or can we?

If you knew there was a new miracle drug that proves to fight depression, cure addiction, and make end-of-life transitions peaceful and painless, would you consider it? What if the treatment was in the form of psychedelic drugs — how would you feel about it?

In his bestselling book, How to Change Your Mind, Michael Pollan investigates this revolutionary treatment for himself. Pollan personally experiments with these mind-expanding drugs, once considered dangerous, toxic, and a certain road to danger.

Mexican Indian tribes have been using mushrooms containing psilocybin as a healing agent for centuries. New information suggests while during a hallucinatory experience, the brain is more interconnected so that memory, emotion, and visual information all interact.

Early tests indicate that psychedelics could be more effective than pharmaceuticals in treating depression. The following are some of the insights found through Pollen’s research. Whatever your stance is on alternative medicine and psychedelic drugs, this book will have you rethinking some of those notions.

Mazatec Indian tribes of Mexico introduced mushrooms containing psilocybin to Western travelers

When we think about psychedelic drugs, we might think of illegal substances synthesized in some remote lab. We might also think of shady deals conducted in some dark alleyway by street thugs in hoodies. It’s easy to forget that the true origins of these drugs are in nature and that they are organic.

It was during the 1950s in southern Mexico when western travelers first saw mushrooms containing psilocybin. The Mazatec Indians have…



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