Having a Good Team — Better Than Having a Great Plan

Founders of famous technology companies share what happened in the early days when they were just a couple of friends with a crazy idea

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

When Launching an Enterprise, a Good Team Is More Important Than a Good Idea

In 1993 Joe Kraus, the co-founder of the early web search tool Excite, teamed up with five of his friends from Stanford University. They demonstrated that having a good team proved more important than having a good plan. Kraus and his friends weren’t even sure what their business would be, only that they were all passionate and intelligent individuals. All they needed was a goal.

Many Founders Recommend That You Reduce Costs or Find a Way to Avoid Bringing in New Investors

Investor money often comes with strings attached. This can come in various forms, from the addition of investor-approved executives, relinquishing shares in the company, or a percentage of the profits.

It’s Best to Listen and Be Transparent While Creating a Product or Service That People Really Need.

The most common advice that author Jessica Livingston heard while interviewing founders was the importance of listening to customers. This is critical to creating something of real value for others.

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