How the Great Business Leaders Make It Look So Easy To Win

Being an illusionist is part of the answer

Jim Farina


Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

We all want the best product or service available while getting the most value for our money. What’s the path to get the best and walk away knowing you made the right choice in selecting a service or product?

When I’m looking for a company to hire for a service or project requiring professional expertise, I have a system in place—doing this homework is much easier than it was in the past.

Today’s technology provides forums for reviewing and rating a business; interactive websites with chat features and virtual imagery are valuable. And all of the wonderful apps we can now download.

Many of these apps will quickly identify multiple professionals in your area when seeking a specific service. This allows me to check out all potential candidates in a short time.

I can begin informing my decisions at a glance. I get down to two possibilities, and if they both have stellar reviews, are responsive to my need or problem, and demonstrate authority in their field, it comes down to gut feeling.

Do they get me? Do they like dogs? Do they have a sense of humor? It’s true — these points can make or break my decision. If a business can break it down for me in…