How to Negotiate Change With Your Managers

It’s a simple strategy that kids use all the time to get what they want

Photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash

Negotiate and Compromise Like a Kid

At one time, we had almost a dozen snakes in our house. We had corn snakes, several ball pythons, and a hognose, which I later found out was illegal in Illinois without proper certification.

Begin with the Absurd and Come Back with Something Less

We responded to the pig request with a non-negotiable, NO! It’s a response that no parent in their right mind would entertain.

  • You’re not a child, so don’t act like one while in the negotiation process. Present a well-articulated plan. Be respectful and go through the proper channels and chain of leadership when outlining the terms.
  • As outlandish and far out your first pitch might be, it’s important to follow up with a reasonable compromise that works well for all parties involved.

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