Miracles Happen, and Dreams Do Come True

Ask the three friends who pooled $3000 to sell T-shirts — they’ve brought in over $250 million so far

Jim Farina
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Do you believe in miracles? Do we have the ability to generate miracles for ourselves?

Unwavering faith plus extraordinary effort equals miracles

This quote is about embracing your gifts while overcoming preconceived cognitive limitations. It’s about putting in the necessary work to fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

Ryan Bartlett, a failed musician, and a couple of friends pooled $3000 to launch True Classic, a men’s apparel brand. I have a closet full of their soft, comfortable, well-cut T-shirts. I’m wearing one now as I write.

Bartlett says confidence is key to his success. It was not all smooth sailing for the team of entrepreneurs. They nearly lost their proverbial shirts by over-purchasing and sitting on a huge inventory that shrank True Classic’s profit margin and almost put them out of business.

It took nearly two years for Bartlett and his co-founders, Nick Ventura and Matt Winnick to recover and get back on track. Today, they are positioned to compete with such brand giants as Nike and Ralph Lauren.

Bartlett says he’s learned from his past mistakes — he no longer relies on only his gut for decisions. Today he’s surrounded himself with a team of “demand planners” with solid retail experience.

I love these inspiring stories. Every success story has a built-in lesson. Nearly all success stories have a chapter where failure and adversity must be met and overcome.

Devoting time to self-improvement is great and rewarding, though the author and a personal development devotee, Hal Elrod, says it’s not nearly enough to achieve true success.

You can meditate your ass off, read volumes of self-help books and pump iron till your muscles scream for mercy. But what will it get you at the end of the day? Well, you’ll probably be more zen, book-read, and muscle-ripped than most people you hang out with, but what actual achievements have you made?

What do you really have to show for it in terms of productivity? What’s the use of having…



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