The Reasons You’re Having Such Vivid Dreams During These Days of COVID

Coronavirus pandemic dreams could be our brains’ response to uncertainty, stress, and anxiety

Jim Farina


Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting in some type of restaurant or cafe. I recall the shiny, lacquered tables, dim lighting, and streamlined decor. I don’t recall what I was eating, just that whatever I had was comforting.

I was sitting at a window facing out to the street. Looking out I could see much of the interior reflected in the glass. It must’ve been dusk and I could see my reflection in the low light. A few people were walking around outside.

I recognized a woman I’d once worked with but she’d left the company to pursue her own ambitions. I had not seen her for years. I liked her well enough, I just wasn’t in the mood to chat. I was hoping she didn’t see me.

We suddenly made eye contact. She smiled and waved at me. I waved back enthusiastically. Anyone would think I was thrilled about seeing her. Please keep walking. Ughh — she’s making her way to the door.

She entered through the double set of doors. There was a tight vestibule separating them. Then I thought she can’t come too close. She has to keep a good distance from me. No awkward hugs. Those days are thankfully over. She entered my space. And suddenly I woke up.

Wow! I can’t believe this was all a dream. I don’t typically have such detailed dreams. Not until all of this coronavirus pandemic started. I lay there for several minutes, re-acclimating to my real-world surroundings. I look at my watch. It’s only 3:00 a.m. Again with these weird dreams.

Now I know what happens. I won’t easily get back to sleep, and when I finally do, it will be a hard, deep sleep, and I will sleep longer than I was planning. Who cares? I have nowhere to rush to today. The time schedule has changed for many of us.

It’s not just me. This is not even a new phenomenon. With little effort, I find two recent articles published on the subject of coronavirus pandemic dreams.

It seems people around the world are now experiencing similar nighttime episodes — vivid and memorable dreams. There were also many of these…