To the Last of Us Who Don't Yet Have a Podcast Show

Here's a simple how-to guide to get you motivated from some of the leading experts

Jim Farina
12 min readApr 9, 2022
Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash

This week, a friend gave me a call and invited me to cohost a podcast with her. My friend Joy thought we'd make a great team. I agree with her, we'd make a good team, and podcasting is something I toyed with in my head, but not sure I have what it takes to pull it off on my own. Joy is an extrovert, a great talker, and connects with people easily.

I can connect with people as an introvert, but I'm more of a quiet and creative observer. That's why writing is my preferred channel of communication. I think together we would complement each other's strengths. I like the idea, and I'm flattered that my friend thought to extend the opportunity to me.

I've never been the type to jump into anything new without preparation and doing some digging around. I also seek advice from those who've successfully navigated the path I'm about to take.

I know a podcast setup can range from as simple as a mobile device in a bedroom to an expensive arsenal of electronic gear. Some podcasters spare no expense in creating an ideal sound environment. But what's realistic for somebody starting out, especially if you're not sure how far you will take the journey?