Try Kendrick Lamar's Approach to Success

It's a simple habit that anyone can practice regularly

Jim Farina


Photo by Dorel Gnatiuc on Unsplash

Many writers draw their stories and ideas from real-life experiences. These daily flashes of inspiration — the seeds of creative explosion germinate through impressions of day-to-day life.

If you don't capture those sparks of inspiration, they will often fizzle out before they are fanned into a flame.

It took me some time to establish a habit of note-taking. I tried a Moleskine pocket notebook for a time. It made me feel cool, like a journalist or detective.

I used the Evernote app. I always have my phone with me. The tool is valuable for many applications, but taking quick notes on the fly is a little much. The Notes app on a mobile device is okay, or sometimes, simply sending myself a text message is enough.

Whatever works best for you, capturing inspiration from daily life through notes is a game-changer.

Kendrick Lamar has five platinum albums and fourteen Grammys. Kendrick can freestyle with the best of them, but at the same time has built impressive works around an extensive collection of personal notes.

Lamar's inspiration stems from meeting people, traveling, and exploring his old stomping grounds. He says he needs to remember these things. He jots them down in real time rather than trying to store it all in his head.

Kendrick is constantly engaged in the creative process. He uses his notes like a second brain. It's a repository for ideas, information, and emotions. When it comes time to write, he can draw upon this fresh spring of inspiration.

Kendrick's notes aren't exhaustive. Experts in writing and teaching have studied his approach.

Writer and podcaster David Perrell observed that Lamar uses keywords to trigger a memory cascade and a torrent of buried emotions.

Kendricks can spend a year capturing thoughts and feeling before figuring out how to convey them to resonate with his audience. After that process, he says the lyrics come easy.

Kendrick Lamar is the only rapper with a Pulitzer Prize for music because of his heartfelt lyrics.