Where Do You Sit on the Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being?

The framework defines six different factors of smart living, well-being, contentment, and happiness

Jim Farina
4 min readJun 21, 2022


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Well-being is realized by small steps but is truly no small thing.

Zeno, quoted in Mr. Diogenes Laertius, Lives Of The Eminent Philosophers, 7.1.26

How well-balanced is your life? How happy are you? I feel like it depends on the day, but I have to say, when I consider the six factors designed by researchers to outline the theory, I'm feeling pretty good about where I currently sit.

No, not sit — I should say, stand or walk. If we are looking to achieve a sense of well-being and contentment, it should be less about the destination and all about the forward journey. Do we ever really arrive at that place?

The six-factor theory was developed in the late 1980s by psychologist and researcher Dr. Carol Ryff. It later expanded in 2014 to incorporate current advancements in the research.

Looking at each factor and determining how balanced you are in each can provide a baseline point of reference. It's a good way to determine where you are and where to focus more attention. A healthy balance should give you a sense of overall contentment during your journey's good and not-so-good course.

The Six Factors of Psychological Well-Being

1) Self-Acceptance

High Self Acceptance: You possess a positive attitude toward yourself; acknowledge and accept multiple aspects of yourself, including both good and bad qualities; and feel positive about your past life.

Low Self Acceptance: You feel dissatisfied with yourself; are disappointed with what has occurred in your past life; are troubled about certain personal qualities, and wish to be different than what you are.

2) Personal Growth

Strong Personal Growth: You have a feeling of continued development; see yourself growing and expanding; are open to new experiences; have the sense of realizing your potential; see improvement in yourself and behavior over time; are changing in ways that…



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